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We use scientifically proven research methods to

find people having fantastic solutions to solve a problem



  • Solve serious communication errors between hospital physicians

  • Motivate people with diabetes 1 to track their situation

  • Save water in public buildings along the drying Colorado River

  • Ways to quickly and easily remove a solid bathroom floor

  • Find solutions to to make healthy snack

We help you in 3 ways

Education: We educate you about user innovation and best practices for finding fantastic solutions

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Training doing project: We teach and guide your team while doing an actual project to find fantastic solutions to solve a problem

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Consulting: We do an entire project of finding solutions to solve a certain problem for you

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Products and events from UsersInnovate

Book: Join the User Innovation Revolution

Join the User Innovation Revolution, Kragh & Walder, 2012
Learn about a new way to innovate, which will change who is innovating and how to innovate

"Join the User Innovation Revolution" This book is about a new way to innovate where users, customers and solvers innovate together to develop new better solutions

Eric von Hippel, Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

"Peter Kragh is one of the most experienced practitioners working with user innovation"





Note that you get both books by Peter Kragh included when you sign up for the Innovation Expert Academy course. 


Bundle: 2 books about User Innovation

Get these 2 unique books about how to involve product users, customers and solvers in an organization's innovation work. One book called How to involve users in front end of innovation - methods to get success in innovation work, written by Peter Kragh, 2008. The other book is from 2012, written by Kragh & Walder and is called Join the User Innovation Revolution.




Note that you get both books by Peter Kragh included when you sign up for the Innovation Expert Academy course. 


Innovation Expert Academy

This is a unique education program teaching you how to solve big problems and develop new, superior products by finding solutions made by product users, customers and solvers. Learn those unique User Innovation Methods and grow your innovation results.