I can help you to capture innovation outside your organisation. Contact me on peter.kragh@hotmail.com


I am Peter Kragh, founder of UsersInnovate. When developing a new product, UsersInnovate goes beyond traditional methods and takes R&D to a whole new level of researching a wealth of information, especially related to trends, user needs, and other problem solution ideas that look promising. As a result, UsersInnovate has been able to find creative and superior solutions to many long-standing problems.


My approach improves on traditional R&D work by facilitating a collaborative effort between Lead Users and Experts to reach great new concepts. In addition, whatever the particular problem an organisation is facing, more likely than not, others have faced a similar problem and solved it, so I am a firm believer in seeking out and taking advantage of that knowhow.


I am closing my business in order to pursue new dreams of working with open innovation as an employee. Even though I cannot continue to support you with consulting services from UsersInnovate.


I am now ready for employment within Open Innovation Management.


Please spread the word about me if your hear someone desiring to….

– Get R&D employees to be closer to users & customers.

– Co-innovate with Lead Users, product hackers, and extreme users to solve big user needs.

– Find and work with experts to find creative solutions to tough existing problems.

– Make Open Innovation Contests to outsource solution generation.

– Help make your company more 21st century ready to maximize sales potential – not only in today’s market, but also tomorrow’s.



Thanks in advance for spreading the word about me to your network!




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I find solutions among innovative users or in other areas where the same problem is solved

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Employ me and let me solve big user problems by co-creating with users, customers, experts and solvers.

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