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See if we can find user solutions to a specific problem in a quick scan. This indicates likelihood of success using the Lead User Method



Find Lead User solutions

Find fantastic solutions that solve your big problem. Invite and co-create with top users/solvers in a Lead User Study. We show you how to do it or do a project for you.


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Get inspired: Users do innovation

Get a presentation by Peter. Learn about Lead Users, Problem Solving, Crowdsourcing & User Toolkits. Or do a workshop to spot opportunities. Or read our books.


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Take wise decisions

How to make a user innovation platform to get external solutions? How to get out and involve users in innovation? How to spot new business models?  We have answers.


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Grow your competences

Participate in our open seminars and learn about how your organisation discovers new product ideas and how to innovate with product users, customers and solvers.


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Peter Kragh is one of the most experienced practitioners in the world
to find amazing user solutions among product users or in analogue markets
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We find solutions among innovative users or in other areas where the same problem is solved

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Read our posts and get inspired to innovate and solve problems by co-creating with users, customers or solvers.

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